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The Underdark has gone ‘live’ but did the blogosphere notice much??

DDO Drow of the Underdark

The new DDO expansion pack is live

So last night, in anticipation of the new DDO expansion dropping, I logged on to DDO for the first time in about a month and I had so much fun, it provided a necessary respite from wow and DAoC, and whatever else I have been sporadically sampling of late. I probably won’t be playing it until at least early next month, when I get some time to really explore it, but I wanted to see how much of an impact the news has been having on the mmo blogosphere. Apparently, with some many gaming options out there, even the news of an expansion pack for a great f2p game like DDO has competition.

Although Ten Ton Hammer has a very detailed look at the new expansion, will smaller more fan driven blogs have similar content? Massively.com reported earlier today that the game is available for download from Steam, (fantastic!) but the bulk of their report came from a Turbine press release which did include an interview with the developers.

Other bloggers barely noticed it, it seems.
Tobold, for one, has been writing a lot about D&D table top gaming, as he has been interested in D&D 4E of late, but it doesn’t appear as he is playing DDO much these days, or at all. Tobold writes about puzzles and riddles in mmorpg games and previous to this he was blogging some more about pen and paper D&D. Other blogs focused on diverse topics such as The Secret world beta weekend, discussion of the changing nature of the mmo industry and saturation in the marketplace, and one how movies based on video games usually suck, while the Ancient Gaming Noob is writing about Little Big Planet.

As for me, I think I will be running with some DDO PUGs in Stormreach to get into the mood of DDO once more. It has always been a great game for grouping and running instances, and while it may or may not be as much fun as wow, I think one mistake people have made in the past is comparing it to other mmorpgs. Turbine really has a unique property, while the license may not be unique with Cryptic bringing Neverwinter into the MMO milieu, the game’s mechanics and fully instanced dungeons are a fun and different experience, which is why I keep coming back, at least periodically. Yes, I am excited about playing in the Forgotten Realms setting, and yes I will be giving my warforged toon another go at it in the weeks to come.


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Holy Smokes, Tobold is not blogging about mmorpgs Batman!!

Tobold was until recently, the wizard of mmorpg commentary, but it appears our friend is branching out

While doing some research the other night on D&D, I found out the shocking news that Tobold is no longer blogging about mmorpgs exclusively.

Who is Tobold you might say? If you read my blog, or any blog about mmorpgs for that matter, then you don’t have to ask that question, but if you don’t, just go ahead and google the word combo: mmorpg+blog. What is the first entry you see? Tobold’s blog!

Except he is no longer blogging about electronic gaming as much, he’s almost exclusively devoted his blog to other topics, chief among them his experiences with D&D as a GM.

I find that a rather natural extenti0n given the RPG in the mmorpg acronym stands for role playing game, and everyone knows that D&D was the first paper and pen role playing game, well if not the first, the most revolutionary.

Even more surprising are the reasons expounded by Tobold for the change: He may not be completely bored with mmorpgs, I am sure he will still play them occasionally, but in his own words, “a AAA+ MMORPG of 2011/2012 plays pretty much exactly as one 5 years ago, and that most of the changes in the last 5 years have been cosmetic. And thus I am increasingly losing interest.”

I have to say that I know where he is coming from, though the timing seems to be coincidental, you see, I have been gravitating back toward paper and pen D&D myself of late, partly because I am trying to get back into creative writing, and I have some propensity towards the fantasy genre, but also because I love DDO and I want to learn more about the Stormreach setting specifically and D&D campaign settings in general.

Cryptic may take quite some time to reveal their new D&D mmo based on Neverwinter Nights, but there is no doubt that I would play both D&D based mmorpgs.

Just this past weekend, I was discussing with a friend the inherent advantages and joys of a face to face campaign over the more limiting grouping and PUG runs common in wow and other mmos. Though some family obligations prevented me from attending my last group session in Pasadena, I plan to be there early next month and I look forward to supplementing my DDO online time with some over the board, pen and paper gaming.

Lately I have been playing a lot of wow myself, but apart from leveling my undead mage to level 30, queuing for random Dungeon PUG runs and exploring new zones, wow feels like a solo RPG to me and I am not sure i will put the effort to max level, unless I start having more fun in the game.

So Tobold, good for you for following your passion. From what I have read, you are putting a lot of time and effort into crafting your campaign settings and adapting 4E mechanics into your own campaigns. I give you kudos for doing what you love and having fun while doing so. Isn’t that what gaming is all about anyhow???

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