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Summer mmo fun in Warsong Gulch and DDO’s new expac

I haven’t seen my last battleground in wow

Hello classic mmo heads. Summer is officially here, but I am a few days late in posting because there has been so much going on of late in my own life, as well as in the life of everyone around me, I’m sure. I have discovered the joys of battling in Warsong Gulch once more, now that my hunter hit level 10 and the option to queue for b.gs. once again possible. I have found some equanimity bouncing happily from DAoC and Wow the past few days, but even though wow b.g.s are a total different style, they are both refreshingly fun, because they are so different.

This week also marks the start of the Midsummer Fire Festival in Azeroth, though I am not sure how that is going to affect a lowbie like myself. There is a lot happening elsewhere in our favorite games, Ten ton Hammer reports that there are pvp changes coming to EQ2 in update 64, and Anarchy Online is apparently celebrating 11 years. Of course, most people are still playing Diablo 3.

I wanted to play some DDO before the new expansion hits the digital market, but I am not sure I am going to have the time. To be candid, DDO has been the one f2p mmorpg whose team based style has always intrigued me and entertained me most. While other games have been the solo grind at early levels, that is never a problem with DDO because of how the game is structured. So maybe I will have to leave the Warsong Gulch b.g. mayhem and the exploration of DAoC pve and pvp to go back to DDO and experiment the new environments. As much as I loved Stormreach, I got tired of it, and I think that a fantasy setting like the Forgotten Realms will do wonders for revitalizing that playerbase, new directions if done correctly are always refreshing. Here’s hoping Turnbine gets this one right on the money.

I have been toying with the idea of upgrading my vid card so I can sample Tera and maybe RIFT, given the fact the latter is tinkering with 3 faction pvp.

Finally, I did play Aion for a while, and while the game is intriguing, it is also a bit of a grind. Not sure I love the atmosphere as much as wow or DAoC, but comparing anything to Dark Age always has its pitfalls. A lot of things will pale in comparison.


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Warhammer online latest MMORPG to cross my path

fighting mobs in WAR

I made a few kills myself with my ugly pet thing

dying in WAR is no fun

though in the beginning my toon was mostly dying

The year was 2008. Fall of 2008 to be exact and I remember playing wow and highly anticipating a much hyped new mmorpg in the fantasy genre. It was Mythic’s Warhammer online, based on the popular Warhammer franchise of games. Yet, the game’s launch came and went and I never played the game, until now three years later.

What happened? Well, part of it was my system, I didn’t believe I could run the game with my cheap integrated graphics card, and part was economics: the game shipped with a hefty $50 or $60 price tag and at the time, I did not see myself justifying the cost of another game, when I was already playing wow and paying for wow.

So I read about the game on PC Gamer magazine, even planted a little mini poster in my home office wall. The game launched in September and got mixed reviews, some thought that Mythic made a huge mistake by not employing DAoC’s old tried and true formula of a 3 factioin RvR.

So when I recently could not make up my mind about which retro MMORPG to continue playing, when I was considering resubbing my DAoC account. lo and behold at the Mythic website I was staring at WAR….hmm….a chance to try their endless trial? A second chance to try the shiny new mmorpg I never played back in the fall of ’08. I did. I will give you my impressions on it when I am a bit deeper into the game.

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