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Hergthog the Troll Skald is Born

DAOC troll

My new Skald troll Hergthog ready for action

I was perfectly happy trying out instances in DDO, but as I played lately I found out that I really missed Dark Age of Camelot. The Gaheris pve server experiment turned out to be short lived. For a few days, I experimented with a hunter, and though I liked the class, it was just to lonely to try to solo, I gave up after 7 levels because I missed the ability to team up and to talk to other players.

I rerolled a skald troll and on the ywain servers, where I know the b.g.s await and where i can get into some fun and serious grouping. Zergs and PUGs in other games don’t tend to be as friendly or as fun as DAoC, and this time around I plan to spec my toon correctly from now until 50, should I go that far.

I know what awaits me, I have done this before, and I hope to reach max level before the trial ends in 10 days, but it probably won’t happen, I will probably sub to see the journey through. One thing I know, I do not like ToA (Trial of Atlantis) that much, I am not sure that I will go beyond 50, but it remains to be seen. If I am having fun, then maybe. So far I have tried Berskerkers, hunters and skalds and even a bonedancer, all Midgard.

I will document my progress in this latest journey for your amusement. Come back in a few to see how I do and what I discover.


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Summer mmo fun in Warsong Gulch and DDO’s new expac

I haven’t seen my last battleground in wow

Hello classic mmo heads. Summer is officially here, but I am a few days late in posting because there has been so much going on of late in my own life, as well as in the life of everyone around me, I’m sure. I have discovered the joys of battling in Warsong Gulch once more, now that my hunter hit level 10 and the option to queue for b.gs. once again possible. I have found some equanimity bouncing happily from DAoC and Wow the past few days, but even though wow b.g.s are a total different style, they are both refreshingly fun, because they are so different.

This week also marks the start of the Midsummer Fire Festival in Azeroth, though I am not sure how that is going to affect a lowbie like myself. There is a lot happening elsewhere in our favorite games, Ten ton Hammer reports that there are pvp changes coming to EQ2 in update 64, and Anarchy Online is apparently celebrating 11 years. Of course, most people are still playing Diablo 3.

I wanted to play some DDO before the new expansion hits the digital market, but I am not sure I am going to have the time. To be candid, DDO has been the one f2p mmorpg whose team based style has always intrigued me and entertained me most. While other games have been the solo grind at early levels, that is never a problem with DDO because of how the game is structured. So maybe I will have to leave the Warsong Gulch b.g. mayhem and the exploration of DAoC pve and pvp to go back to DDO and experiment the new environments. As much as I loved Stormreach, I got tired of it, and I think that a fantasy setting like the Forgotten Realms will do wonders for revitalizing that playerbase, new directions if done correctly are always refreshing. Here’s hoping Turnbine gets this one right on the money.

I have been toying with the idea of upgrading my vid card so I can sample Tera and maybe RIFT, given the fact the latter is tinkering with 3 faction pvp.

Finally, I did play Aion for a while, and while the game is intriguing, it is also a bit of a grind. Not sure I love the atmosphere as much as wow or DAoC, but comparing anything to Dark Age always has its pitfalls. A lot of things will pale in comparison.

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Adventures with srgraybeard the Thane in Dark Age of Camelot

I think it’s official, I think DAoC is now my favorite mmorpg of all time. I base this realization on the fact that as fun as pvp was, leveling my old toon to 50, doing some pve in the Gaheris server with my new Thane Mr. graybeard is also very enjoyable. In fact, pwning mobs in wow can be tedious and boring, mostly because Blizzard has nerfed the leveling game in order to get people to level up faster on a linear track to the endgame and raiding, with the occasional bout of pvp.

In contrast, pve grinding in DAoC, even at the early levels isn’t as tedious or as bad. Sometimes, if I get bored of smashing mobs with my axe or hammer, I challenge myself and take on a higher level, or walk into a camp where there are a bit high level enemies. Just today I went toe to toe with a yellow colored mob, there’s a certain thrill to winning the mini battle, but my hit points went so low, I thought I’d be visiting the healer for sure. A mmorpg where mobs will actually aggro? Something you see less and less of, especially in wow in the early levels.

I do wish I was already max leveled, so I can group or try to move out to the Frontiers, but since I am sticking with DAoC for the months to come, I guess I might get my chance soon enough. Sorry about my constant comparisons to wow, but other than briefly toying with Aion last week and the days of DDO grouping and the occasional LOTRO indulgence, wow is the mmo I played most prior to my current love affair with DAoC.

There are some things about wow I do like: I like the b.g.s but because the leveling game is so dry, I often am not high level enough in wow to make any significant impact in the b.g.s. I also like the dungeon finder, I think this is a fairly new invention by mmo standards, so DAoC being over 10 years old, I don’t think there is any instance finder to speak of, not that one is truly needed as  you can port to most cities and zones and find an instance pretty easily.

When I think about the fact that I have barely scratched the surface with my thane, it looks as though I will be enjoying DAoC, for as long as I can afford to pay for it, being a p2p game after all.

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Back mmo gaming for the summer and updating!

The Kill the Goblin blog is back! Even though wordpress coding practically killed my blog, at the very least I have managed to modify the look of it as much as possible, I think there is something wrong with the CSS, but who the heck knows, I have very little time to fix it. If any of you are like wizzards with WP and design, drop me a line, I would love to hear from you. In the weeks to come I will utilize this blog to document my mmo gaming and writing related to mmo gaming during the summer. So check back often. For the record, mostly playing DAoC and have tried out Aion of late. What are you guys playing these days??

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The community woes in Everquest 2


Everquest's freeport has been revamped for f2p enjoyment

The other night I went back to playing EQ2 and my character dinged level 12. It dawned on me that I probably won’t be playing this game much, at least for awhile. While I think it is a good game, I am not sure about the community, and it is still really hard to find groups at a lower level. I was questing and trying to level and I got asked to join a party. I gladly accepted the invite because of late it seems that I have been mostly playing solo. I was asked to help with a quest, so I did.

Then, when I asked if in turn the person help me with my quest I got the response I expected: Just go ahead and finish your quest and I will meet you after.

A bit later I was asked to help with another quest, but I learned my lesson I just stood there as I watched the player get punked.

He was screaming, “Why aren’t you helping me? You are allowed to help.”

I did, eventually with some last shots but not before I was called a jerk for my troubles. Who needs it?

If I want to play a solo game, I may as well play DDO with some  hirelings, would be just as fun, probably more, given there is a strong possibility I could join a PUG. Dark Age of Camelot is a better game than EQ2, but it is strictly a pvp affair, and I like my games to have some more variety and reason to log on other than strict pvp pwning action (not that that option isn’t fun, which it very much is)

I also downloaded Nexon’s game “Dragon’s Nest” because I read it was a very dynamic game, I actually played through the tutorial and I am not sure that I can stick with it very long, the cutesy graphics are something to get used to.

What mmorpgs other than SWTOR are you guys playing??

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Top 5 gaming and geeky things of the year that was 2011

Thanks to MMO Gamer Chick, I was inspired to sneak this list in before the year goes into full swing. I know I am even later than she was in posting this, but it is still barely a week in, so here we go.

This is a crazy enough list, considering my system sucks and I never had either the motivation, time, or cash to upgrade my gaming gear. Thus, retro- mmo gaming was more a necessity for me, and you know that is the mother of innovation, or some nonsense. Okay on with the list.

The five geeky gaming things which brought joy to my heart in the year 2011:

Dark Age Of Camelot


The one and only game for PvP and the game which invented RvR was one of my hands down favorite retro-games of 2011, which is ironic given it was released back in 2001, though it is still immensely popular in some circles. Granted, players have long moved on to other mmorpgs, and even I acknowledge that there is a certain feeling of nostalgia associated with DAoC, more than a sense of a thriving community like one may find in newer games like say RIFT, or SWTOR. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of fun to be had in old Camelot, especially for those of us who discovered it for the first time recently. Mythic Entertainment’s  first attempt at an mmo is still their best IMHO, and is considered by many to be tops in pvp. For Midgard!!

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 4E

AD&D rule book

 In 2011 I resolved to get back to the geeky table top game of my youth. While I never fully bought into the stereotype associated with the AD&D pen and paper game, my affinity for Turbine’s DDO mmo got me interested once more into D&D racial powers and finding out more about my Warforged character. This by extension led to my exploring the table top game once more. Wizards of the Coast has reinvented AD&D, and for better or worse, more people are finding their way back into table top gaming, with D&D back in the forefront of our imaginations. I traveled to my local game center in Pasadena a few times a year to take part in some campaigns, and with any luck, my table top gaming will be more consistent in 2012.

Felicia Day’s “Dragon Age Redemption” “The Guild” and “Pure Pwnage”

For me 2011 was the year of web programming. Network TV? Who has time for that now? With the exception of geek TV favorites “The Big Bang Theory” and watching sporting events, I hardly turn the damn thing on. I read an article stating that Americans now on average spend more time online than watching TV and I can believe it because that trend rings true in our household. It stands to reason then that my favorite programs are on the web, and most of the ones I like best are related to gaming somehow. From Gamebreaker TV, to most of the stuff on G4tv.com like the MMO Report, the internet is rich in web originals. My favorites are by Buffy alumn and internet star Felicia Day. Most web geeks will be familiar with Day’s web program “The Guild” and if you read my blog regularly, you know that I have been a fan from the beginning. This year, Felicia also starred in a web exclusive series based on Bioware’s Dragon Age series of games. Man was that a fantastic, albeit short series! Last but not least, I discovered this year the exploits of the Canadian show Pure Pwnage. At first glance, the show seems like a stereotyped strings of cliches about gamers, but the main character played by talented actor Jarrett Cale really sells it, you really get into the head of Jeremy, whose sole goal in life is to become “pro” and to pwn noobs. What’s not to love??

Beccket’s Massive Online Gamer- 

Massive Online Gamer Magazine

A long time ago I used to read PC Gamer magazine almost religiously, and still read it from time to time, but no other periodical topped Massive Online Gamer in coverage of my favorite gaming genre. Editor Jason Winter  and cohorts did a great job on a bimonthly schedule of bringing a plethora of mmorpg related news, more than any other publication on the stands. Sadly, I heard the upcoming Mar/April issue will be the magazine’s last, which is a real shame. I feel outside of the blogosphere, MOG had no parallel in terms of covering our favorite genre, albeit being a bit late on breaking stuff due to publication schedules and the nature of the web. A pity that it is fading from the scene because reportedly they did not have enough people reading it on a regular basis. I don’t know how I am going to replace it in 2012.



This may seem like an odd choice to include, but when I think about it, youbute, more than any other medium, kept me entertained and informed. It boasts of a vast, almost endless repository of gaming information right at our fingertips. Whether it was delighting in Boogie 2988’s funny transformations to Francis and other characters, looking for virtual guides on how to craft and travel in DAoC, or information on upcoming betas, Blizzcon, or community gripes, gamebreaker TV rants on wow patches and more, Youtube is a joy to peruse and a gamer’s endless source of fun and joy.

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Playing a caster in Dark Age of Camelot is an interesting, immersive challenge

it takes practice to have success using a caster class in old DAoC

While most people are playing SWTOR or Skyrim at the conclusion/start of the year, I have returned to the land of Mythic’s Camelot and have been thoroughly enjoying the experience. Well, that’s not exactly 100 percent true, I was a bit frustrated the other night when I rolled my first alt (A spellcaster class, Warlock.)

Mythic offered me 14 free days of re-enlisting bonus, so I gladly jumped back into Ywain, and my old characters were there, my 19 level Berserker, specced out in studded gear, my Savage, my hunter. But after enjoying b.g. action in Thid, it was time to roll a completely different class, because, why not? Half the fun in mmos for me is trying new combinations.

Yet, I found out fairly quickly that it takes so practice and skill to play a Warlock. Unlike other games (Warcraft) where massive amounts of damage can be dealt fairly easily to enemies in PVE, the DAoC spell casters need to tread lightly and really know the spells at their disposal. One irritating aspect of this class is soloing in PVE, even in lower level zones is a dicey proposition, because these characters’ spells can be interrupted by mobs if you pull them close to you, and most spells require a reasonable range to be operated. It takes me longer to attack and defeat a mob in DAoC with a Warlock than it does in other games, but maybe I am not specced 100 percent correctly, who knows? I still have time in the game trial to try out various combos and skills.

DAoC nowadays, as opposed to in the past, has changed as new characters are able to get better gear doing pve and  through questing, and the b.gs. which are a lot of fun also offer ways to get x.p. and really good equipment for pvp, even in lower levels and zones. This October marked the 10th anniversary of this venerable mmo, and though I was not around to play it during the glory days in the early 2000s, and hence have to basis of comparison between the games’ heydays and its current incarnation, I don’t find population to be a major issue, there is always enough people to group with when I am doing the b.g.s.

It was interesting to read this review of the game (written about 4 years following release) from RPG land. It is interesting to note some of the differences between then and now, there were various types of servers to choose from, whereas today most of them are clustered and people play on one main server where all the game’s populations exists. PvP and RvR was always the main draw, though now there are few computer systems that would have trouble running the game. Most players have a high end enough system to play most modern games and DAoC’s graphics are not going to be taxing any systems. Still, I prefer this game to a lot of modern games, simply due to the excitement of the open world pvp and the engrossing lore between the three factions. Can’t wait to try out other classes and races from Midgard, my favorite of the three realms!

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Revelling in winter gaming in Camelot

toon daoc

My toon level 22 savage on Ywain DAoC server

This time of year there are a number of winter time in game events which make your favorite game more fun to play, or adds an extra element to the mmo experience of your choice. Some games like SWTOR are too new, or would not benefit from having these in game events because it would detract somewhat from the overall storyline, but for more established retro mmorpgs, fans  have come to expect them and delight in them every year.

The feast of winter veil is going on currently in Azeroth. I remember previous holiday season spending sometime doing seasonal quests and looking at the colorful graphics in game. In Everquest 2, frostfell meant that members of the community relations team got to hang out with players in selected servers handing out in game goodies. Though the event is now over, The Double Station Cash Stocking Stuffer promotion that SOE has going, lasts through tomorrow (Dec.27)

Over at DDO, Turbine continues to celebrate Festivult by giving players coins from treasure chests which can be turned into the jester for special gifts. LOTRO offered its annual Yule festival with local events in the Shire, Ered Luin and Bree-land, additionally players could travel to the festival-themed mini-area of Frostbluff to participate in a town wide celebration.

Personally, I really am looking forward to the Midwinter Festival event on the DAoC servers, although I probably may not be able to enjoy it for awhile as I have 26 more levels to climb with my savage. Still, the event runs until January 17, so if I extend my DAoC trial into a new month sub, I may be able to catch the tail end of it. Honestly, I am having the most fun playing a game in RvR battlegrounds. The game’s learning curve is a little high for newbies, but I learned that most players don’t really quest but wait until they hit the level needed to do battlegrounds. B.g.s in DAoC are a dicey proposition, people from the other factions in RvR tend to wait until one is pulling aggro on mobs to jump in and try to score a kill. It can get annoying with all the camping, but if you can find a group, you are able to fend off the attacks, provided you are on the high level end of the specific b.g.

No matter what game you choose to play this winter season, may you have fun as we turn the calendar page into a new year, because that is what it is all about is it not??? Peace!

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Warhammer online latest MMORPG to cross my path

fighting mobs in WAR

I made a few kills myself with my ugly pet thing

dying in WAR is no fun

though in the beginning my toon was mostly dying

The year was 2008. Fall of 2008 to be exact and I remember playing wow and highly anticipating a much hyped new mmorpg in the fantasy genre. It was Mythic’s Warhammer online, based on the popular Warhammer franchise of games. Yet, the game’s launch came and went and I never played the game, until now three years later.

What happened? Well, part of it was my system, I didn’t believe I could run the game with my cheap integrated graphics card, and part was economics: the game shipped with a hefty $50 or $60 price tag and at the time, I did not see myself justifying the cost of another game, when I was already playing wow and paying for wow.

So I read about the game on PC Gamer magazine, even planted a little mini poster in my home office wall. The game launched in September and got mixed reviews, some thought that Mythic made a huge mistake by not employing DAoC’s old tried and true formula of a 3 factioin RvR.

So when I recently could not make up my mind about which retro MMORPG to continue playing, when I was considering resubbing my DAoC account. lo and behold at the Mythic website I was staring at WAR….hmm….a chance to try their endless trial? A second chance to try the shiny new mmorpg I never played back in the fall of ’08. I did. I will give you my impressions on it when I am a bit deeper into the game.

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