orcs and humans game box

orcs and humans form Blizzard Entertainment

Howdy all. This is my third attempt at making an mmo related blog. A little history about me and my mmorpg playing preferences and my previous mmo themed blogs. I have been a longtime PC gamer for as long as I can remember, might be showing my age but I remember being a young one and playing games like Fallout (the original  not the sequels) and even before that AD&D themed RPGS like Baldur’s Gate, which were always my favorite.

I am sure a lot of people remember Windows 95 and trying to figure out DOS based games a little before that.

Growing up my brother and I were huge video game players. My dad frowned upon us playing video games because they thought they were a waste of time, but we would always do our own thing and sneak out to Target or whatever and periodically purchase a game that caught our eye. Remember the orginal Warcraft RTS game Orcs vs. Humans? I remember buying it with my brother, I put up half the money and he fronted the rest and we spent an entire weekend trying to figure out how to play it, it didn’t go so well, the game had a steep learning curve, or so we thought at the time.

I suspect like many of you, I like games that present me with a challenge, not just blindly shooting at random monsters, (nothing against fps games, just not my preference, though I must admit to enjoying the occasional fragfest from games like Doom and Quake) or games without seemingly a purpose, that is why I like RPGS because I think that games should be not only immersive, but also challenging and fun, if you are not having fun then why the hell play them right?

I was not an old time player of mmos like Ultima Online, Everquest, or even EQ2, but I always enj0yed playing fantasy themed games where you can create a character and progress throughout the game while enjoying a neat story throughout.

I don’t remember my first mmo, but I do remember getting a gift card to Best Buy from my boss back in xmas 2007 and remembering the epic game cinematics of Warcraft and Warcraft 2, I remember using it to buy a little game called World of Warcraft. I am sure many of you have heard of it. The game gave me a lot of good times wandering in Azeroth trying to level up my hunter and exploring with other gamers. This was my first experience with “massively multi-player” games and their communities and I loved it. I enjoyed the idea of playing with others and it is the sense of community and merriment which enticed me about Wow the most. That and the fact it was damn fun, at least in the pre-expansion days.

Eventually I gave up on wow, mostly because my Vista powered computer had too many graphical conflicts with the new patches. “The igfx driver has stopped respoding and has recovered.” Annoying.

Nowadays I mostly play DDO, Champions Online and occasionally LOTRO. I want to play the last one more, but am waiting to invest on a better vid card and a good laptop to join instances and raids. Turbine games don’t appear to have any problem with my antiquated hardware, hear that Blizzard??

My previous blogs have failed to find a focus, but while playing Mythic’s DAoC lately, I have come to realize that there are a lot of people who enjoy classic mmos as much as I do. Maybe I never experience the pvp style of a game like Asheron’s Call, but that does not mean that others haven’t and won’t want to either reminisce about said games, or have a forum discussing, or participating in the appreciation of great mmos of the past like SWG, and others. So Enjoy and come back often!


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