Hergthog the Troll Skald is Born

DAOC troll

My new Skald troll Hergthog ready for action

I was perfectly happy trying out instances in DDO, but as I played lately I found out that I really missed Dark Age of Camelot. The Gaheris pve server experiment turned out to be short lived. For a few days, I experimented with a hunter, and though I liked the class, it was just to lonely to try to solo, I gave up after 7 levels because I missed the ability to team up and to talk to other players.

I rerolled a skald troll and on the ywain servers, where I know the b.g.s await and where i can get into some fun and serious grouping. Zergs and PUGs in other games don’t tend to be as friendly or as fun as DAoC, and this time around I plan to spec my toon correctly from now until 50, should I go that far.

I know what awaits me, I have done this before, and I hope to reach max level before the trial ends in 10 days, but it probably won’t happen, I will probably sub to see the journey through. One thing I know, I do not like ToA (Trial of Atlantis) that much, I am not sure that I will go beyond 50, but it remains to be seen. If I am having fun, then maybe. So far I have tried Berskerkers, hunters and skalds and even a bonedancer, all Midgard.

I will document my progress in this latest journey for your amusement. Come back in a few to see how I do and what I discover.


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