Beam me up Bratty

This weekend I had a chance to spend more time playing both DAoC and STO.

I am far from catching up with all the episodes thus far released by Cryptic for the Trek mmo, but I did manage to get through the tutorial. My toon Jack O’Lantern was promoted to Lieutenant and given command of the U.S.S. Summers, but I forgot to save after my last mission, and will have to (annoyingly) run through it again. At least I know where everything is on the map of the starship I beamed to the other night.

I learned one thing about this game: Starfleet Academy is very life like, or at least what it would be if it existed in real life, but alas that zone is very laggy, perhaps so much foot traffic on the servers, or perhaps my crappy rig, can’t tell, either way, not going to be spending much time there since there appears to be very little to do there in the first place.

Since I am way too tired from work to actually elaborate on a full post I will just leave you with some snapshots of my toon’s recent adventures. Sure felt good to move up in rank, at least soon he may get more than one bridge officer.

We can only hope.


Starfeet headquarters in S.F. the view is awesome, the zone not so much, pretty laggy.


beam out STO