Treking through Cryptic’s mmo baby one more time

Sorry I have been away so long boys and girls. With grad school quite possibly starting in the fall for me, this has been an incredibly busy time.

Still I have managed to do some occasional sporadic gaming. My friend Mike has got me back into Star Trek Online, and just recently the 14 day re-enlistment trial had me rolling another toon in my favorite game, possibly of all time: Dark Age of Camelot.

Yet, I have blogged about DAoC quite a bit in the past, so I will save that for another day because I want to start focusing on STO. In STO, being now f2p, for some time, I have a very addicting game, especially if you are a fan of the Trek universe and lore, which I am, and with it, I found a willing playing partner, as Mike seems to be thoroughly addicted to the wonders of it himself.

This was a game I never considered getting back into, mostly because I thought the requirements on my vid card would not support it, and I would have to wait to play it until my computer upgrades, but I was wrong, it runs just fine with default or lowered settings and in windowed mode.

So if you never played STO before, I have to warn you, you may get a thrill when you first see your character traverse through his first starship. I rolled an Andorian (don’t ask me why, always liked that race of Trek aliens) and lacking any imagination whatsover, I called him Jack O’Lantern.

Ensign Lantern first entered the world aboard the U.S.S. Summers (named after a certain heroine of fiction who slayed vamps like no other) and he single handedly defended the vessel against a Borg attack!

star trek online opening mission

Star trek Online's opening mission is a satisfying thrill

Yes I did have a nerdgasm when I walked onto the bridge, and seeing that Borg cube on the viewscreen. Apparently in this version of the Trek universe, the Klingons are at war with the federation and the Borg have redeployed themselves, and it’s some new strand of Borg clone, don’t ask me, I was paying more attention to the pretty visuals than to the storyline.

And so I was having a lot of fun, until low and behold, there was space combat! Yet it was time to take over as acting captain of the U.S.S. Summers, under a full blown Borg attack and defend her against the scourge of the galaxy. This is where at first the fun slowed to a crawl, because space combat and maneuvering of your vessel takes some practice, it’s not something you easily pick up. well it might be something you easily pick up, but I was pretty baffled by it at first.

Somehow, I managed to get through the combat tutorial, just as I was starting to get frustrated over the fact I kept overshooting asteroids on my way to rendevouz with another of stafleet’s finest.

Oh I should probably mention that in this game, you go up in rank as you experience and as you do and play the game more, you build together a crew, so after the first mission I got my very first crewmember, whom I named Lil bit in honor of Buffy’s little sis. Her full name was Dawn Bratty, but ‘lil bit for short. I think I will just keep giving my characters Buffy allusions, because it’s a fun little game within the game I like to play. Hey don’t judge me, could have been worse, I could have picked more arcane nomenclatures. But I digress…

I recall the knock on this game upon release a few years back was the lack of a Klingon campaign and the lack of any enjoyable quests. That and the fact it didn’t feel like Star Trek. I don’t really know what people meant by that, this game sure feels like Trek to me, right down to the technical babble and iconic imagery, though I read that there have been many changes, additions and improvements since launch.

It sure does feel like this game has been improved. I had a lot of fun playing, will I be going where a lot of players have gone before for the long term? Well, I don’t see this game becoming my main mmorpg or even main game of choice, but I do feel it has staying power.¬† A quality no one could ever accuse Trek of lacking.

Your turn: Do you play STO? If so what are it’s best features? What are the most fun classes to play and why?

What can the developers do to improve the game if anything? Why haven’t I ran into commander Data yet?

andorian toonstar trek captain

It sure looks peaceful from this perspective, but trust me there was a full blown battle with the Borg raging in the background.


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