Azeroth exodus has been greatly exaggerated

The title of this post refers to the fact a big deal has been made in the blogosphere about wow’s subscription numbers being down, especially with the documented early success of newer mmorpgs like SWTOR.

I have not really had much time to venture into Azeroth, save the occasional weeknight and weekend dungeon runs with the PUGs. GRE and grad school preparations have really robbed me from my free time away from work, but I have managed to get Gannisper the fire mage to level 24, mostly through queuing into dungeons and doing the occasional quest.

My original plan was to join a guild in the Sisters of Elune server, primarily a role playing server and not my usual PvP, because it sounded like a fun endeavor, but alas, that has not come to pass.

Those who write that wow is dead, or dying have not visited Ogrimmar or any capital city lately, where I see most of the players. Yet, since I don’t have as much time to quest, running through dungeons has been most of my interaction with other folks in Azeroth, and I get a bit bored of it often, so I do it very sporadically.

Once in a while it is fun, because coordinating the groups takes communication, otherwise players risk getting kicked for capricious reasons.

Earlier today, I also logged back into EQ2. EQ2 was a very frustrating experience, given the fact it is hard to group in that game without a level capped toon, but I found some levity out of traveling to various parts of Norrath via the “world bell” network and staying within zones that are appropriate for my level. I made the mistake of venturing out to unknown territory and kept getting killed by mobs for my troubles.

I have DDO on reserve as my third mmo of choice, but that game is so entrenched in its own idiosyncrasies and unique elements, it is less of a grind than EQ2, but it means I have to be in the D&D mind frame and mood to play it.  What’s next?

Running through a random dungeon and taking down the big boss.

I plan to be playing Stark Trek Online come early March, by that time I should have sent off all my paperwork and made all my grad school preparation, so the summer may be one full of mmo goodness for me. What are the rest of you all up to???


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