DDO game advantages


my 16th level dwarf Guardian in LOTRO

The other night I found out my ancient laptop can run LOTRO. I was excited over the possibilities of getting back into Turbine’s other game and doing some skirmishes with my tank.

I logged on to the LOTRO Imladris server and there he was, smiling back at me, my level 16 dwarf Guardian, still decked out in the gear I put him in some 7 months ago.

LOTRO suffers the same ailment as DDO though, a considerable lack of PvP. There is some PVP, there’s the whole monster system, but you have to pay to get into that, and frankly, there are too many free mmorpgs I have yet to check out. That is probably the main reason I got bored and stopped playing LOTRO, though I was surprised to find that it had been more than six months since I played! Now I gotta find a new guild

Speaking of free mmorpgs, I have not been playing DDO as much, not because I don’t like the game but because work and my recent preparations to get into grad school have sapped most of my free time, except for nights.

I have been kicking around the idea of getting back into wow, because my co-worker plays it, and frankly it would be fun to run dungeons with him.

Here are some advantages that DDO has over wow in case anyone is on the fence about them:

  • DDO is free, wow is subscription based. Not a big deal since wow is still pretty reasonably priced and could go the f2p route one day
  • DDO has hirelings you can buy which help you in some quests, even if you solo them, clerics for example, cleric hirelings are excellent healers
  • DDO has unique elements to it like shrines and also allows duel specking of classes.
  • DDO is way easy to group with folks, you can find a random PUG, it is designed to be played in parties
  • DDO resembles the 3.5 pen and paper version of the game, while the upcoming Neverwinter game is said to be based on 4E rules
  • DDO for the most part has helpful folks and a thriving community. Wow has people who like to raid but can be annoying to group with.

This Saturday I am going to a meeting of the Pasadena D&D meet club. Should be a blast to dust off the old books and play some 4E D&D


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