The community woes in Everquest 2


Everquest's freeport has been revamped for f2p enjoyment

The other night I went back to playing EQ2 and my character dinged level 12. It dawned on me that I probably won’t be playing this game much, at least for awhile. While I think it is a good game, I am not sure about the community, and it is still really hard to find groups at a lower level. I was questing and trying to level and I got asked to join a party. I gladly accepted the invite because of late it seems that I have been mostly playing solo. I was asked to help with a quest, so I did.

Then, when I asked if in turn the person help me with my quest I got the response I expected: Just go ahead and finish your quest and I will meet you after.

A bit later I was asked to help with another quest, but I learned my lesson I just stood there as I watched the player get punked.

He was screaming, “Why aren’t you helping me? You are allowed to help.”

I did, eventually with some last shots but not before I was called a jerk for my troubles. Who needs it?

If I want to play a solo game, I may as well play DDO with some  hirelings, would be just as fun, probably more, given there is a strong possibility I could join a PUG. Dark Age of Camelot is a better game than EQ2, but it is strictly a pvp affair, and I like my games to have some more variety and reason to log on other than strict pvp pwning action (not that that option isn’t fun, which it very much is)

I also downloaded Nexon’s game “Dragon’s Nest” because I read it was a very dynamic game, I actually played through the tutorial and I am not sure that I can stick with it very long, the cutesy graphics are something to get used to.

What mmorpgs other than SWTOR are you guys playing??


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