Exploring pvp and pve in Norrath’s Nagafen server

everquest 2 character

My EQ2 main is a caster

It was with some regret that I pushed the cancel subscription button for my DAoC sub on the Mythic webpage last night. Don’t get me wrong. I had a ton of fun playing the last couple of weeks, but honestly I am not going to pay $15 a month for a game, when so many great games are now f2p. DAoC has an atmosphere and a retro feel that is really unique and worth the money, but I realize that unless I plan to engage in pvp and RvR as my exclusive in game activity, then that is not the way to go considering a whole open world goes untouched in the game, since the pvp is so engaging, nobody really quests as much or crafts, or whatever else goes into mmo playing when you’re not engaged in pvp or RvR.

I may yet reconsider my decision in the near future and go back to playing DAoC, but for the time being I will stick to other games. I logged on to EQ2 again last night for only the second time since the year began and had some fun playing it. This is maybe because my level 7 Barbarian Warlock is in a new starting zone than my old character and I have yet to get bored of it. Within minutes I had joined a guild, but the real test will come at the higher levels, your 30s and 40s, if I get that far, because that is when the pvp is most active. I am now a proud member of the “Don’t taze me bro” guild on the Nagafen server.

I fear that with an old game like Everquest 2, the dungeon finder tool may not be as helpful as the one in wow, given that opportunities to adventure with a PUG are rare, and raiding doesn’t even take place until end game at 90 in Eq2!

League Of Legends

LOL is the other game I bounce into and out of from time to time, as you know if you have read this blog in the past, given the fact that it is also f2p, and it’s less of a time sink that mmorpgs, it is perfect for a fellow like me who has to work and doesn’t always have the chance to game on a nightly basis. Riot Games announced this week that with the latest patch some changes are going to be implemented in respect mainly to dodge.

Dodge is being removed as a global stat for League of Legends.

-According to the devs, this will impact those who play Jax as a champion. Jax will be getting a unique, short duration 100 percent dodge ability.

-This also means Jax, Ninja Tabi, and Sword of the Divine are all up for review, as well as updates to Riven

I will keep you guys informed of any further nerfs, or you can just check out the LOL website for more info.


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