Top 5 gaming and geeky things of the year that was 2011

Thanks to MMO Gamer Chick, I was inspired to sneak this list in before the year goes into full swing. I know I am even later than she was in posting this, but it is still barely a week in, so here we go.

This is a crazy enough list, considering my system sucks and I never had either the motivation, time, or cash to upgrade my gaming gear. Thus, retro- mmo gaming was more a necessity for me, and you know that is the mother of innovation, or some nonsense. Okay on with the list.

The five geeky gaming things which brought joy to my heart in the year 2011:

Dark Age Of Camelot


The one and only game for PvP and the game which invented RvR was one of my hands down favorite retro-games of 2011, which is ironic given it was released back in 2001, though it is still immensely popular in some circles. Granted, players have long moved on to other mmorpgs, and even I acknowledge that there is a certain feeling of nostalgia associated with DAoC, more than a sense of a thriving community like one may find in newer games like say RIFT, or SWTOR. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of fun to be had in old Camelot, especially for those of us who discovered it for the first time recently. Mythic Entertainment’s  first attempt at an mmo is still their best IMHO, and is considered by many to be tops in pvp. For Midgard!!

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 4E

AD&D rule book

 In 2011 I resolved to get back to the geeky table top game of my youth. While I never fully bought into the stereotype associated with the AD&D pen and paper game, my affinity for Turbine’s DDO mmo got me interested once more into D&D racial powers and finding out more about my Warforged character. This by extension led to my exploring the table top game once more. Wizards of the Coast has reinvented AD&D, and for better or worse, more people are finding their way back into table top gaming, with D&D back in the forefront of our imaginations. I traveled to my local game center in Pasadena a few times a year to take part in some campaigns, and with any luck, my table top gaming will be more consistent in 2012.

Felicia Day’s “Dragon Age Redemption” “The Guild” and “Pure Pwnage”

For me 2011 was the year of web programming. Network TV? Who has time for that now? With the exception of geek TV favorites “The Big Bang Theory” and watching sporting events, I hardly turn the damn thing on. I read an article stating that Americans now on average spend more time online than watching TV and I can believe it because that trend rings true in our household. It stands to reason then that my favorite programs are on the web, and most of the ones I like best are related to gaming somehow. From Gamebreaker TV, to most of the stuff on like the MMO Report, the internet is rich in web originals. My favorites are by Buffy alumn and internet star Felicia Day. Most web geeks will be familiar with Day’s web program “The Guild” and if you read my blog regularly, you know that I have been a fan from the beginning. This year, Felicia also starred in a web exclusive series based on Bioware’s Dragon Age series of games. Man was that a fantastic, albeit short series! Last but not least, I discovered this year the exploits of the Canadian show Pure Pwnage. At first glance, the show seems like a stereotyped strings of cliches about gamers, but the main character played by talented actor Jarrett Cale really sells it, you really get into the head of Jeremy, whose sole goal in life is to become “pro” and to pwn noobs. What’s not to love??

Beccket’s Massive Online Gamer- 

Massive Online Gamer Magazine

A long time ago I used to read PC Gamer magazine almost religiously, and still read it from time to time, but no other periodical topped Massive Online Gamer in coverage of my favorite gaming genre. Editor Jason Winter  and cohorts did a great job on a bimonthly schedule of bringing a plethora of mmorpg related news, more than any other publication on the stands. Sadly, I heard the upcoming Mar/April issue will be the magazine’s last, which is a real shame. I feel outside of the blogosphere, MOG had no parallel in terms of covering our favorite genre, albeit being a bit late on breaking stuff due to publication schedules and the nature of the web. A pity that it is fading from the scene because reportedly they did not have enough people reading it on a regular basis. I don’t know how I am going to replace it in 2012.


This may seem like an odd choice to include, but when I think about it, youbute, more than any other medium, kept me entertained and informed. It boasts of a vast, almost endless repository of gaming information right at our fingertips. Whether it was delighting in Boogie 2988’s funny transformations to Francis and other characters, looking for virtual guides on how to craft and travel in DAoC, or information on upcoming betas, Blizzcon, or community gripes, gamebreaker TV rants on wow patches and more, Youtube is a joy to peruse and a gamer’s endless source of fun and joy.


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  1. You gotta love youtube, its like the worlds biggest flea market, you’ll always find what you want there. Just last night was looking at people playing Dungeon Master!!!!! Ah, seems such a long time ago when I discovered the dungeon.

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