The end of Star Wars Galaxies: A new Hope in SWTOR

Well Dec. 20 came around and it was a significantly important date for the gaming masses who pre-ordered SWTOR and jumped on that new mmo. However, almost lost in all the hoopla bout the launch and the beta testing last month was the demise of the last great Star Wars game. I got wrapped up in work and the Xmas holiday and I almost forgot about Dec.15, which was the date in which SWG went off the mmo grid.

To me, this is a sad event. The loss of any mmorpg game saddens me greatly, especially since a game which lasted as long as SWG had a definite loyal fan base and that just means one less option in the gaming universe. Honestly, no one expected it to last long after the announcement of SWTOR came, but I do recall logging on trying it out and seeing the potential the game had, or to experience the allure it still possessed, despite a diminished population.

The thing is, unlike DAoC, an older game than SWG, this game had nothing unique left to offer the player. People still log on DAoC, and although there are many who feel its past its prime, its unique take on pvp and b.g.s which are still fun to run, make it impossible for me to abandon. I guess what kept many players sticking around basically a doomed game like Galaxies was the community for SWG, the sense of connection we all feel when we’ve invested in a game and have made friends playing it.

I for one, gave up on it after trying the free trial, essentially because the Cantina and a lot of the zones felt practically abandoned. The opposite of  game game like wow or even WAR or DAoC. So R.I.P. SWG, you will be missed.


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