League of Legends: Annie Dark Child FAIL

annie lol

match record in LOL with Annie champion, not so legendary

So I continue to try and improve with LOL. I must admit I am not having much luck with my chosen champions, especially with Annie. My match records are pretty atrocious, as you can plainly see. Surely I am doing something wrong, but it beats me why I can’t get more kills, maybe I am not timing my auto attacks correctly, maybe farming and not getting last kills, but the Dark Child is less of a threat in my incapable hads. Heck, I spent one match trying to get Tibbers out of hibernation, only to die 23 times! But in my defense, I think I was playing with a lot of higher level players.

So those of you who play LOL can you give me some pointers? What do you do to succeed? How can I score more kills? Should I give up on Annie and switch to a less squishy champion? All of the Above? I would appreciate some feedback and advice. This game has a steep learning curve, but I would settle for scoring more kills!!!!



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4 responses to “League of Legends: Annie Dark Child FAIL

  1. I’m no more than a beginner LoL player myself. My score in PVP so far is 1 win out of 3 or 4 games played, on normal non-ranked games. So far, my lone PVP win was with Sivir.

    I play mostly co-op. For co-op, I usually go with Sona if I feel like playing Support or Sivir if I feel like playing offense. I’m not sure if it works the same in PVP since PVPers know to target you, but against the AI late-game Sona is absolutely fun. Get your team in the enemy base with a well-equipped Sona supporting and it becomes very difficult to dislodge them. And her champion-targetting stun ability is awesome if you have a teammate who knows how to take advantage of it.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Been playing mostly DAoC this week, but may try that when I need a break from the b.g.s in Camelot!

  3. khaled

    just kidding,u ‘ll improve by time 🙂

  4. SshadyCze

    Omg.. :DD .. wtf a scores?? i have with my Frostfire Annie on the west 20/1/5, 25/3/2, 30/1/0 .. annie is bugged and easy hero.. 🙂

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