Back to our original virtual home. More regular updates to come

back when I dinged 14 with my EQ2 Guardian, he is now 17 and counting

I am starting to update this blog once again. My domain at the paid address is still mine, but I don’t really see the point of hosting the site when wordpress has this powerful free blog feature, so for now this is our virtual home.

What have I been up to? This winter season I have been bouncing between Everquest 2, League of Legends and DDO and just recenlty, I have gotten back into World of Warcraft. Those are the games I seem to enjoy playing the most, with Everquest falling a little behind the other 3, mostly because it is harder to group in that game than the others. Wow is also hobby that I practice sparingly these days, since it is pay to play and because there is so much downtime waiting to queue in dungeons.

There will be game updates on games regularly, probably Mondays and fridays, as those are the days I seem to have free now, and whenever something interesting breaks on the blogosphere. Of course, I will also examine old mmos and their influence on pop culture, like always. Welcome back!


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