world of warcraft and the Guild

the guild season 5 episode 5

Has the Guild jumped the shark?

Sorry I have been a bit MIA for a few days fellow gamers, but work and other responsibilities have kept me quite busy, as has the slow progress I have been making setting up my new gaming blog. Well I have decided that for the balance of this year, I am going to go back to playing the mmo that started me playing these games: World of Warcraft. Even though the starter’s edition is a jip, I still decided to roll a blood elf rogue and spent a bit last night in Eversong Woods leveling him up. Why a blood elf? I actually don’t like them. I think they are the lamest race in the horde, but since I have tried everything else, thought I’d give it a go. Meet my latest toon: Keyalloris!

blood elf toonI will probably play him for about 10 or 15 levels until I can get him into pvp battle grounds because I am not at all impressed with the starting zone. Almost all the other horde races are more fun. Speaking of wow, I would like to examine the state of this game in another post. In the post-cataclysm era, it seems that the consensus from retro mmo players appears to be that wow is just not as fun because you do a lot of waiting around in the game. I won’t go as far as pronouncing it dead like a few blog sites already have, but I am interested in seeing what the future holds, especially if the new expansion turns out to be as speculated here.


I’ve also fallen a bit behind in my endeavor to review every ep of season five in Felicia Day’s web series, so today I combine a mini review of the last two episodes. I’m not sure if the Guild is “jumping the shark”or not, these last few episodes haven’t been as great as earlier seasons, despite being longer.  In episode 4 Bladezz got some groupies and there was a guest spot by Brent Spiner, man Data hasn’t aged well.

Though I must say I chuckled at Zaboo’s Master chiefs entourage. “I found these guys sneaking an old lady into a Malcom McDowell look-alike contest, good peeps.” The Zaboo-Codex “will they or won’t they romance” really hasn’t interested me as I am less intrigued in the soap-operaish elements of the show. The entire subplot just felt sort of forced, Zaboo’s analogy not withstanding. The “cheesy pirate kid” memes bit was actually pretty cool, as was Clara’s obsession with the clockwork steampunk stuff. The ending of episode 5 was not as epic as the collected fandom made it out to be in my opinion. Vork continues to have the best lines of dialogue “We’ve got a raid tonight, fornicate at a later date.” The fate of the game hangs in the balance, apparently so does my interest in the rest of this season.


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