Earth Eternal browser based mmo returns in beta

There have been so many game announcements this part of the summer, it’s hard to keep up. It looks like companies are gearing up for the fall and the big holiday season. I was surprised to learn that Blizzard has already set up their community site for Diablo 3. This can only mean the beta for that is not far behind.

As for me, I tried to play Earth Eternal last night. It is not exactly a retro-mmo in the truest sense, it was around 2009 but was discontinued for some strange reason, but now it’s been back in beta for a while. I have been wanting to play this strange little game, even despite (because?) of the funny animals ever since I watched this video review by Remotay from

I guess the thing I liked most about it was the fact, apart from being a f2p mmorpg, no big client download is necessary to play and I can grab it and play on the go on my laptop. However, the game does require a facebook account to authenticate, but most people already have one of those. I found it to be ok in the first few levels but one annoying thing was the colors were way off on my UI and it bugged me so much I had to stop playing. I wonder if it was just a bug or something to do with my crappy video card?

Anyone else experience similar problems? I am going to play it some more and report back more info in the future. Keep an eye out for my new site at It’s my summer project to have it debut by at least the end of this month (or sooner.)


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