League of Legends and other Mobas inspiring WAR?

It’s funny, yesterday out of sheer boredom I downloaded LOL and tried it out. I don’t have a big hankering or interest in Mobas (Massive Online Battle Arenas) and prefer the more open sandbox games like mmorpgs, and this isn’t a blog about Mobas per se, but it is a blog about gaming and there is no doubt that games like League of Legends are quite popular. My friend Mike has been into the game for a while and has been asking me to try it for quite some time, so I finally broke down and tried it.

He has logged in over 1,000 games and surely knows what he is doing, while it was my first game and as you can see, the results were less than favorable, but I am a noob so it’s to be expected.

I don’t think I am going to be logging back in often, there is something more appealing to me in games like wow and EQ2 than battle Arena games.

League of Legends battleground
League of Legends’ popularity may be influencing other game developers.
Unfortunately, the game’s not shy about telling you that your team stinks.

Nevertheless, I found this story about Mythic, the creators of Warhammer online and DAoC, creating a brand new MOBA game to be quite interesting.  A number of bloggers claimed to have been surprised by this move on the part of Mythic. Color me surprised as well, could it be that LOL’s rising popularity (and the success of similar DoTA games like Heroes of Newerth) have influenced Mythic? And what will this mean for Warhammer Online? Just when I was set to go back and level up my goblin squig herder, will there be significant changes to WAR?

I guess only time will tell.

The Guild Season 5 episode 3.

I did not forget about my commitment to review every episode of Felicia Day’s popular web series “The Guild.” I was just taking my sweet time. Episode 3 picks up with the guildies fully exploring the gaming convention on their own. This episode of the show has been hyped as the longest episode of the series clocking in at 9:18. I watched it three times but I was completely distracted the last time by the less than subtle product placements and started to watch instead for how many times Felicia manages to plug her sponsors: Jinx, Dark Horse Comics (which prints the Guild Comic book series) etc. Overall this episode had a few funny moments and interactions. Vork and Tink’s scenes I think stole the show, but overall it’s not much to write home about. Hoping next week is a big improvement.


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