Crawling back into the action with Dungeons and Dragons Online

Normanoz my goblin toon in Warhammer Online

Normanoz, my WAR goblin squig herder has been sadly neglected of late, due to my fickle habit of jumping from game to game

So it turns out that I had been doing it all wrong.

While running around Stormreach the other night I ran into a number of friendly players who pointed out that my warforged paladin built was all wrong. Sure, I had somehow managed to advance four levels, but stats mean a whole heck of a lot more in ddo than in your average mmo, so I asked what was the best combo for a warforged just starting out life and it was unanimously suggested for me to re-roll as a wizard.

Now I know what you’re thinking, didn’t I say last time around that I was thoroughly enjoying warhamer online and was going to make it my summer project to level up my goblin squig herder until my heart’s content?

the first time I did Misery's Peak in DDO I was delighted to see an actual dragon in the game

the first time I did Misery's Peak in DDO I was delighted to see an actual dragon in the game

Yes, but I have been either too lazy or to busy, or maybe both to play around with quieting my noisy vid card. Everytime I log on to Mythic’s game it sounds like it’s going to explode, so I decided to lay off and play some DDO in the interim, Turbine’s game is rather smooth in my ancient rig and my interest in DDO was undoubtedly rekindled by last week’s real table top session in Neverwinter while at Pasadena.

At any rate, I was having fun with my new DDO toon, as I learned how to prepare spells and quested through the newbie zone before shipping out once more to the harbor.

Below is a screenshot detailing my wizard’s stats. Pretty cool!

character stats for dungeons and dragons online

My stats, pretty awesome I would say

This game is quite deep, at least for me, there are plenty of zones I have yet to explore, so DDO should keep me satisfied until I return to WAR. For Destruction!!!

dungeons and dragons online reporter

There are reporters in Stormreach, what a great surprise!



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2 responses to “Crawling back into the action with Dungeons and Dragons Online

  1. I’ve been thinking about trying DDO. Your post may have pushed me over the edge.

  2. glad I could help! It really is a great game. It is not flawless, but I find hardly anything is these days. The thing about ddo you have to know is that if you come from other mmorpgs, it’s an entirely different game since its based on table top d and d. Also, the questing can get repetitive at times because there is a progression of instances that needs to be completed before moving on to other zones. Overall though its fun to try the different class combos and races.

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