Dungeons and Dragons Game Day

dungeons and dragons game

Members of the Pasadena D&D Meetup group playing on Saturday at Game Empire

I know this is a blog about retro-mmorpgs, not rpgs or even table top games per se, but I thought I would talk about D&D today because if it weren’t for the iconic table top, pencil and paper game, it is very doubtful that the RPGs and MMORPGs we enjoy today would even exist.

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of venturing out to Game Empire in Pasadena where they hold a monthly meeting of the Pasadena Dungeons and Dragons group. I had intended to take some photos and write an article for a South Pasadena website of the D&D Game day which was taking place Saturday in honor of the Neverwinter campaign setting with an exclusive adventure entitled Gates of Neverdeath, but I figured since I was there I would also get my geek on and play a few game encounters.


The tools of the trade- image courtesy of kaijuville.blogspot.com

I was not disappointed with the experience. The group is very friendly and the DMs are very good and know a lot about D&D in general and 4th edition in particular.

So I grabbed some d20s, my character mini, and a pre-gen character sheet and sat down for a morning session of frolicking and adventuring in Neverwinter.

Our party was tasked by the DM  to protect precious cargo bound for the city of Neverwinter, but on the way there our paladin was under heavy fire from an archer while on the ship and upon disembarking Fargrim, my level 1 dwarf Slayer slipped through a throng on the way to the Neverdeath graveyard where he was bloodied repeatedly by malevolent creatures.

At first I secretly contemplated the possibility of trying to “gank the DM” by acting obnoxiously and asking noobish questions, but gave up on that plan after seeing how hard he was working to make this a memorable gaming experience. He also did quite a bit of coaching by explaining moves that I and my allies failed to pick up.  Overall the experience was quite positive, and despite the fact the stereotype of the role player as a geek or a lifeless nerd still permeates society, I saw people from all walks of life having fun and enjoying themselves. True, there were fat dudes and the stereotypical socially awkward ones there too, but I was among them, reveling in our common geeky endeavors, and isn’t that what it’s all about?? I shall go back next month.


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