Warhammer Online summer project

orc baby likes destruction

photo courtesy of funnyjunk.com

I must have had a lot of fun playing Mythic’s Warhammer Online last night because me and my pet thingy were running around messing stuff up for close to three hours. For some reason, I didn’t like this retro-mmo at first, but it has really grown on me. For the purposes of definition, since Bio Break’s mmo timeline considers Mud1 the first classic mmo, and since there are a slew of new mmos in the horizon starting off with the release of RIFT earlier this year leading into releases of SWTOR and GW2, I will refer to retro-mmos  as games between 1980 and about 2008.

But I digress, I always read that No.1: The real strength of WAR was in its pvp, so I figured that if I had that much fun killing stuff while doing what amounted to PVE public quests, then I would most probably enjoy the game’s pvp and RvR, provided I get to that point. In the meantime I think I will be perfectly happy questing and interacting with other players.

No.2: A lot of players consider WAR a huge failure because of its dwindling player base (debuted with more than 60 servers and is down to fewer than 10 now) and its failure to add a third faction to balance the classes. I have no doubt to some these are valid claims, but I have found that few games nowadays are perfect anyway, so I will not nitpick. Just going to enjoy the ride for now.

I was really pleasantly surprised that I warmed up to WAR, considering it has a much different and darker mood than its spiritual predecessor DAoC. When I was looking for a new (old) mmorpg to play this summer I considered both DAoC and going back to wow, but WAR’s new never ending trial insures that I can level up in rank without having to dole out a lot of cash to try out the game, and I really like that. I spoke to some of the players in my guild and they were quick to point out some tips and tricks that I found most useful, the community seems to be as good as the DAoC community and not as bad as wow’s. I’ve decided that as my summer side project I am going to document my progress in this game here, until I get tired of it or until I start playing something else with more regularity.

I will also use this blog for our guild to communicate or share tips with newbie players such as myself, or whatever other need arises.

This does not mean I will stop playing DDO and other games I enjoy. In fact, I was seriously considering venturing back into Stormreach tonight to play with my warforged. Despite some of the shortcomings in Turbine’s game, DDO is still the game I enjoy most for the purposes of grouping.

The Guild season 5 ep 2

Felicia Day's the Guild cast

For the final part of today’s post, as promised, I bring you a mini-review of Felicia Day’s “The Guild.” I am still a bit miffed that I have to wait two extra days to get my nerd fix of the show, but whateves, I have to deal. Yesterday’s show “Crash Pad” was a little light on the subtext. I mean, the dialogue was still there, (“Macrame is the devil’s handicraft!”) but it seemed this could be because it is still very early into the new season and subplots take awhile to develop. “When did this guild go from playing a game together to talking about feelings and holding each other’s vaginas?” This question was posed by Tink in last season’s second episode, and if you recall back then Clara was telling Zaboo that he had no shot with Codex and should just give up on the idea. My how things have drastically changed, the bulk of this season so far has been dedicated to Codex’s new found feelings fro Zaboo. They should bring back Fox, at least he brought a different element to the more soap operaish-relationship parts of the show. See you guys in game!


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