Warhammer online latest MMORPG to cross my path

fighting mobs in WAR

I made a few kills myself with my ugly pet thing

dying in WAR is no fun

though in the beginning my toon was mostly dying

The year was 2008. Fall of 2008 to be exact and I remember playing wow and highly anticipating a much hyped new mmorpg in the fantasy genre. It was Mythic’s Warhammer online, based on the popular Warhammer franchise of games. Yet, the game’s launch came and went and I never played the game, until now three years later.

What happened? Well, part of it was my system, I didn’t believe I could run the game with my cheap integrated graphics card, and part was economics: the game shipped with a hefty $50 or $60 price tag and at the time, I did not see myself justifying the cost of another game, when I was already playing wow and paying for wow.

So I read about the game on PC Gamer magazine, even planted a little mini poster in my home office wall. The game launched in September and got mixed reviews, some thought that Mythic made a huge mistake by not employing DAoC’s old tried and true formula of a 3 factioin RvR.

So when I recently could not make up my mind about which retro MMORPG to continue playing, when I was considering resubbing my DAoC account. lo and behold at the Mythic website I was staring at WAR….hmm….a chance to try their endless trial? A second chance to try the shiny new mmorpg I never played back in the fall of ’08. I did. I will give you my impressions on it when I am a bit deeper into the game.


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