The p2p mmo dilemma: which retro game to choose?

Midgard savage

My Savage is having fun in the catacombs in Midgard

I’m in a bit of a quandry.

Perhaps you can help me out. I am a retro-mmo gamer, but I would like to subscribe to one game this summer/fall season to explore further before the new crop of mmos come a calling. I have found that some of the best games are (unfortunately for our pocketbooks) the pay to play format. While there are plenty of games out there which are fun and you don’t really have to pay for (LOTRO, DDO and Anarchy Online just to name a few) I find that some of the more polished games are not f2p. Such is life. We deal.

Recently I have been trying two games almost to the exclusivity of all others: Mythic’s Dark Age of Camelot, an oldie but a goodie, and Blizzard’s massive World of Warcraft. I like them both, I would like to play both but I can only choose one because I can only afford one subscription. Of DAoC, being the older game, I have heard from people that the problem is that being very pvp oriented (RvR really is its claim to fame) that it is a bit of a graveyard until you reach the level cap.

Be that as it may, the little time I have spent on the game I have found fun, even if the population is not nearly as big as the one for say Warcraft. Usually on the one mega server, newbies are all lumped into one big “starting out” guild and I have found plenty of people to ask advice from while playing my Midgard Savage. The warcraft community is not nearly as friendly in my opinion, but the game is still fun, especially battlegrounds and pvp.

wow battlegrounds

For the horde! Hordemaster always rolls horde for the win!

So I have made some pros and cons listings to help me decide between the two games:


pros: great game, lots of quests, battlegrounds are fun, intuitive UI, great lore,

cons: community not always fun, hard to get advice if you are a noob, level grind sometimes feels too repetitive, 85 levels until endgame content


pros: great atmosphere for older game, outstanding in game help when players are around, only 50 levels to end game content, three realms instead of two factions, not as grind heavy

cons: can feel underpopulated during some hours, older game so mechanics not as refined as wow, UI not as intuitive, higher learning curve than other games of its ilk.

I still plan to find the time in the near future to play Anarchy Online, DDO and LOTRO, but given the choice between these two p2p games and only these two games, which would you choose to play and why??


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