NEStalgia is the retro mmorpg getting a lot of press

So I finally gave up on Wow. At least for the time being, since I have been playing older mmos and games that are a bit more gentle on my ancient video card. I simply have too many financial investments at the moment to spring for a new vid card. There are still a great number of games that I can play. One game that looks intriguing is NEStagia, it’s probably not for me as I was not really a big NES player, but for those who grew up in the 90s, this retro-style MMO might be just right up their goblin ridden alleys.

According to, the game has small servers with a “close-knit” community of gamers. Sounds intriguing, especially to those who might want to play an 8-bit amalgamation of wow, DragonQuest, Final Fantasy and other games from the past. Well, since it is f2p, I might eventually give it a shot, but for now I am pretty content with exploring DAoC. More to come.


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